Happy Holidays to All!

Holiday Greetings Dear Readers! I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all my readers who found me and gave me your time to read my posts.  I've had the pleasure of meeting every one of you and enjoyed reading all of your blogs.   I've never before seen so much support and… Continue reading Happy Holidays to All!


DIY Adjustable Collar and Cuffs

​This is a quick and simple project you can make from an old blouse.  I purchased this one from my local Goodwill.  The collar is created from the entire bottom hem of the blouse and the cuffs are from the sleeves.  The collar is adjustable with a hidden drawstring which can be drawn up to… Continue reading DIY Adjustable Collar and Cuffs


My Sewing Tips Published in Threads Magazine

Hello friends!  I'm in the midst of creating more posts for my sewing category which needs more attention.  Meanwhile, I wanted to take the time and share with you some of my tips I submitted to Threads Magazine a while back which were published to my surprise.  This fueled my desire to go further.  … Continue reading My Sewing Tips Published in Threads Magazine


No Heat Curls

This is a great way to achieve curls without heat. It’s good to give your hair a break from all that blow drying and heat curling. I bought 2 packages of jumbo sponge rollers for $1 each at Dollar Tree. I love that store, everything’s $1! Best time to do this is before going to… Continue reading No Heat Curls


Project Inspiration

I find so many ways to get get my mind stimulated for a sewing project.  For me,  here's a few things that get my inspiration going.  I would like to share them with you! Browsing Around Whenever I visit thrift stores,  antique malls or any stores, I find so many ways I can be inspired… Continue reading Project Inspiration


DIY Dress Form Cover & Custom Padding

I was fortunate to have a dress form handed down to me from a friend, I couldn't afford one on my own.  It's adjustable with measurement dials on the bust, waist and hips which helps tremendously.  Unfortunately it was lacking real curves and the original color was a dark and drab brown.  Believe me,  if… Continue reading DIY Dress Form Cover & Custom Padding


Henna Hair Dye Treatment with Mountain Rose Herbs

This is my second time doing the henna treatment and I do love it!  I bought a 1 lb. bag of dark brown henna from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I wanted something without any added chemicals and this was it, a good choice.  I bought this 2 years ago and kept in my fridge since.  I… Continue reading Henna Hair Dye Treatment with Mountain Rose Herbs