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Announcing My New Sewing Blog – Plum & Petal Sews

Hello Everyone! My new sewing blog is officially live and I have my first post on it! I am on Blogger now.  It took me some time to decide which platform to use.  I needed an attractive theme which I purchased and more free space.  Blogger was the best fit for me.  I've been blogging… Continue reading Announcing My New Sewing Blog – Plum & Petal Sews


Pretty Confections Blog Transition- Social Media change

Hello Everyone! Please be patient with me as I transition to my new sewing blog. For now, I’m changing my social media. If you click on my current social media buttons, you may see a new user name. I have to do everything in steps, it’s a long process! New names are stated below. Once… Continue reading Pretty Confections Blog Transition- Social Media change


DIY Brow Liner for Blondes

  Hello everyone! I was inspired to create this post for my beautiful Stepmom, Jane!  She is Finnish, has natural blond hair with light facial features.  On one my evening visits with her,  I wrote up a list of diy gifts she might like.  One of them turned out to be a brow liner duped… Continue reading DIY Brow Liner for Blondes


DIY Blowout Styling Cream

Hello Lovelies!! This is one of the easiest styling creams to create yourself.  3 ingredients is all you need, plus you may already have them! I came up with this one from studying the ingredient list from a bottle of Organix blowout cream I had.  I just used my last drop and instead of buying… Continue reading DIY Blowout Styling Cream


Blush Lady

Hello there Lovelies!! Blush Lady was actually my first sketch I published here, but I only used it as my site icon.  This is a very simple sketch, I was inspired by a little art deco and little 60's retro. Media used - pencil, felt tip pen and Canva Big curly hair, floppy sun hat,… Continue reading Blush Lady


Make a Wish

    Hello Lovelies!! I've been dabbling with fashion illustration for some time now.  I've been doodling off and on since 19. My work is still rough but the more I sketch the more experience and confidence I gain.  I thought it was time to add an illustration category here so I can share my… Continue reading Make a Wish

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DIY Rose Hair Clip

  Hello Lovelies! Hair adornments and flowers are so popular this season. They’re great for weddings, parties, dates and anytime you want to add sophistication to that hairdo. There are numerous ways to create flowers from ribbon or fabric. This was a simple method using wire edged ribbon. This creates the perfect foundation for this… Continue reading DIY Rose Hair Clip