Henna Hair Dye Treatment with Mountain Rose Herbs

This is my second time doing the henna treatment and I do love it!  I bought a 1 lb. bag of dark brown henna from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I wanted something without any added chemicals and this was it, a good choice.  I bought this 2 years ago and kept in my fridge since.  I still had half a bag left and just did another treatment.  This time, I had to cover a post on how I did my hair to show how well it works.  Over time, even in the fridge, the henna loses some potency.  Afer my first treatment when the henna was fresh, the color came out super-rich dark drown which was gorgeous.  Too bad I didn’t cover my first experiment.  The second treatment which I just did, the color is still dark brown, but with a hint of red tones.  Before I colored, my hair was so fried and brassy orange from this past summer.  I think the damaged ends, which were very brassy, had some trouble taking full color.  I am still completely satisfied with how well it worked after sitting in the fridge for 2 years! It still covered all my greys, my color is deeper, brassiness was toned down and the texture is buttery soft and super thick!  Normally the texture of my hair is fine and since the henna coats every strand, the results were amazing.
If you do buy a 1 lb bag of henna, I would suggest using it up sooner than I did.  When it’s time again to color (after a month) do the treatment again.  Your henna should still have potency.  I got lazy and went down the box color route.  I know box color is faster and less messy.  The truth is, if your hair suffers from damage like mine from the sun, the long process of henna is well worth it.

Be prepared to make a mess.  This was all done in the bathroom.  I laid down some towels on the floor and vanity.  Wearing gloves is a must or your fingernails and hands will be stained too.  I would apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and on your ears too.  Have a wide tooth comb handy and a wet rag for wiping just in case.  No matter how hard you try, you’re going to see little mud “crumbles” fall in the sink, on the floor and on you.  Take your time, apply slowly and carefully so you don’t get a bathroom splattered with henna goop.

The end results were worth it!  My hair was so fried from the sun, I was terrified to use chemical dye to get that  brassiness out.  This natural treatment is so safe, it leaves your hair in great condition, especially when your hair is recovering from a rough summer.

Check list

  • Organic henna (I used Mountain Rose Herbs)
  • Plastic or glass bowl
  • Black tea or coffee
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

Let’s get started!

Measure henna needed for your hair length and put in your mixing bowl.  I needed 1 cup for my length.

Brew 2 cups of strong black tea.  A word about tea and coffee – I’ve read that tea brings out red tones and coffee brings out deeper tones.  I decided this time to add tea.  I’ll try coffee on my next treatment.

Slowly add the tea to the henna and mix.  It will look like sandy mud until you continue adding more tea…….

….and you will have a yogurt like consistency.  This is what it should look like.  Now your ready to add the remaining ingredients.

Add 1 tablespoon olive oil and mix.

I added 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and mixed. This helps release the dye.

I put the lid on my container.  If you use a glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap.  Set aside and let sit 8-12 hours or overnight. I made this on a Saturday night, planned on using it the next morning, but I ended up doing it later at about 4PM. I even placed it in the fridge Sunday morning to keep it fresh. Im not sure if chilling it was needed, but I did it just in case.

When the henna is ready, you’ll notice the dye release in the mixture. There’s going to be a darker layer before you mix it up.  It’s ready to go.

I wish I could of taken selfies of the application process, but with my hands covered with goop, it was so impossible. Video coverage for this would be best.  Before application, all you have to do is lay your towels down, have the following handy – wet rag, wide tooth comb, plastic hair clips,plastic gloves, your hairline and ears slicked with petroleum jelly, plastic wrap, scissors and a thermal cap to keep in the heat. I just had a winter cap which works fine too.

Apply henna in small sections. With your wide tooth comb, start with the top of your head. Take a section, comb it out, scoop up some henna with your hand (I tried the brush, too messy, maybe only good for root touch up) apply the scooped henna on your roots and start spreading through the ends. Scoop up and apply more henna as needed. Make sure each section is saturated with the mixture. Slightly twist the section and coil it up. The coil will stick to your scalp. Work your way down. For me, I did top, crown, sides and back. You can use a plastic clip to keep up your sections if they start falling.  When you finished applying,  take your roll of plastic and start wrapping it around your head until completely covered. Put on your cap to keep in the heat.  Half way through my waiting time, henna juice started dripping from under my wrap.  I forgot this happened before! I just grabbed a piece of tissue, rolled it up and tucked in under the edge of my wrap where it was dripping. Unrolled cotton balls also work.

At this point, I spent my time tidying up my mess in the bathroom and after watching 2 movies I was ready to rinse it out.  I left the mix in my hair for almost 4 hours. I believe you leave in for a minimum of 1 hour, but I did a lot of research on other blogs. Some leave in for hours to overnight.

I have to tell you how my hair was in desperate need of attention. I spent weekends in the hot sun with no hat literally frying my hair. The sun took its toll on my color in the worst way. In these pics, this is grown out old color. A while back, I used a dark brown box hair color. This is what the sun does to your color, fades to the extreme! Plus it turned it an awful brassy orange. Not a good combo, an RX was called for, right away.  I needed a non damaging, chemical free method.  The henna treatment was like medicine for my hair.

I was sooooo pleased with the results! See the texture and color in the after shots?  The pic on the left was the next morning after rinsing and drying it only 75%.  The pic on the right was that evening after I had my hair in a bun the entire day. I let down my hair and out came curly, super thick, buttery soft hair.  My orange brassy color was transformed into a deep luscious brown with some red tones. So satisfying!

Here, you can clearly see how the red tones show up more in the sun than indoors. I took these pics the day after.

Here I am one week later, hair is still in good condition and color still rich. I think in 3 weeks it’ll be time again.

Over time, the color will fade as every hair color does.  What I liked about this was no chemicals are involved.  There is nothing in henna that can possibly damage your hair.  If you can,  set a little time aside for this,  it is well worth it!


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