Project Inspiration


I find so many ways to get get my mind stimulated for a sewing project.  For me,  here’s a few things that get my inspiration going.  I would like to share them with you!

Browsing Around

Whenever I visit thrift stores,  antique malls or any stores, I find so many ways I can be inspired for a new project.   I may see a beautifully draped top.  I’ll notice the smocking details of a blouse or the way a dress was cut.   I take pics of these items so later I can study the intricate details,  then ponder the idea of duplicating the garment.  This is a great way to get up close and picture in my mind how I can incorporate those details in a garment or accessory or simply be inspired.   I found two gorgeous wool hats at an antique mall.  These styles are very original, I can’t find items like these anywhere else.

I love the trim on this one,  so original.  The brim is a perfect size.


I had to capture the construction underneath….


This off white hat looks so sophisticated. Most interesting band detail!


Interesting brim,  it was made asymmetrical on purpose!


A blouse I didn’t buy, but would love to recreate…….



Store Window Displays

It’s amazing how the window dressers put these creations together.  I love seeing the current fashions out on display.  Whenever I get an opportunity to snap a photo,  I’ll save it for next time an idea for a sewing project comes to mind.  I pass a bridal shop every morning on my way to work.  Their displays are so captivating.  I captured an image on my phone of one of their displays.  I just love the lines, shapes and colors of the dresses.

If I had stores like this in my area,  I’d be passing by daily to see what they displayed!


This is the bridal shop window I pass by every morning….lovely dresses.



I collect fashion magazines and just love flipping through all those colorful, glossy pages.  My favorite sections are the fashion bloggers from all over the globe. I admire their flawless style.  Even the ads are inspirational.  The details, cuts and fabric design just make me want to draw up a design in my sketch book.  With magazines, you can clip out images of interest and attach to a scrap-book you can make or mood board.


These are my favorites for checking current styles.  I find them at Half Price book store for $.50 – $2.00!


This giant social media platform has endless possibilities to inspiring minds.  If you prefer not to clip up magazines,  then this is the place to gather and save all your interests.  Whether its colors, styles, decades of style,  you can find most images here.



I have a lot of classic movies and TV shows.  I just love the styles of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.  Just more inspiration for your mind.  I end up seeing a dress I love and look it up on Pinterest and save to my phone or tablet.  The costume design of Edith Head is timeless.  She is by far my favorite designer.

Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn with Edith Head and a design by Edith for Lucille Ball.  I love the vintage era.


Keep a notebook with you

I have a small, thick spiral notebook I keep my ideas and projects in.  This is where it all began for me.  I had so many ideas,  I felt compelled to share it with others out there.  Its small enough to take with me whenever inspiration strikes. I made little category tabs with stickers for all my post ideas.  Whatever comes to mind,  I start writing or sketching a little something.

My notebook.  This is where it started.  Here’s my idea layout for one of my first posts for the DIY dress form cover and padding.


What inspires you?  I’d love to hear what stimulates your creative mind!


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