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Hello and welcome to Pretty Confections! I’m Diana and I love to write tutorials on sewing and homemade beauty.
I’ve had this blog since November 2017. I’ve had the pleasure of not only making the crafts I love but engaging with people all over the globe, sharing posts and encouraging one another on a positive note. Here’s my little bio, some life experiences, how my interests started and why I love to blog.

I’ve been infatuated with crafts since age 7. I loved making little paper crafts to give to my teacher and my family for Christmas. My love for sewing and experimenting with homemade beauty didn’t come until later in my childhood.  I’m in my mid forties, of mostly Italian descent and a curvy petite standing at 4’11”.  Here’s some of my life experiences to tell you where it all started.

My Sewing Experience
I always watched my Mom sew on her Kenmore.  She made things for me and my sister, but I never actually sewn anything for myself at that time. I used to browse Sears Wish Books wanting a toy sewing machine, but instead I got a plastic sewing basket with some goodies inside. Money was always tight in the family, but I loved it anyhow and practiced hand sewing just about anything.

My love for fashion and sewing came later at 19. I wanted to attend Virginia Marti School of Art and Design. I even sent away for a brochure knowing I was never going to school. I just wanted to look at it and keep it as a memento. Unfortunately, there were no funds for school. Going to an art school is a great way to learn so much and meet new people with like-minded interests. Without living that experience, I’ve learned that you can teach yourself. If your interest is so strong and it keeps calling you, then you can be self-taught if you put your mind to it.

Before internet, I read lots of books about basic sewing, patternmaking, copying ready made clothes, color coordination, fashion books, sketching and designing. I still own these books and frequently pull them off my shelf to read. I also learn from trial and error. As I’m creating, I write down my steps, so nothing is looked over. I’m not a pro at sketching, but that doesn’t stop me from doodling the images in my head. I keep a mini spiral notebook in my purse, you never know when inspiration strikes!

My DIY Beauty Experience
When I was about 8 or 9, I used to borrow books from the library on how to make homemade beauty recipes. These were my first beauty fails. You know those recipes that call for egg in shampoo? Well, don’t leave it in a bottle on your dresser for days, but I did. I used to make little soap balls from laundry detergent, not sure what was I thinking there. This was the most bazaar by far. I was picking leaves from the Sassafras tree in our front yard. I crushed them, and they smelled so good, like lemon. My first thought was I’m going to bottle this and sell it! So I put the leaves in dixie cups with water, strained it and tried to sell them like I was running a lemonade stand on my front lawn. Some boys came by looked in the cups, looked at me funny and walked away. Later I discovered that’s how homemade perfume is made, by soaking herbs in water/alcohol. At least I tried and was enthusiastic about it.

Before I created my blog, I was studying ingredient lists of my makeup and skincare products, wanting to somehow duplicate some items I had. This is how my recipes were created. I’m still in the experimental stage of a few things. I have both succeeded and failed, but my successes are planned to post!


Why I Blog and How Often I Blog
When I discovered sewing, craft blogs and Pinterest, I just loved going through all the endless ideas and became so inspired to have something of my own I could write about. I find it a joy to post something I made on my own blog. It’s very satisfying to create something from your own hands. I love engaging with all kinds of people about things I post as well as posts of my fellow bloggers. It is such a positive and encouraging community!
I work a regular daytime job through the week as an admin assistant, but that’s only how I earn a living. My creativity is my passion. I hope one day to have an Etsy shop and sell handmade women’s fashions. Since I love writing tutorials, it takes a little extra time to put them together. I’ve been posting twice per month on average.


Thank you for stopping by,  I hope you enjoyed getting acquainted with me!