DIY Blowout Styling Cream

Hello Lovelies!! This is one of the easiest styling creams to create yourself.  3 ingredients is all you need, plus you may already have them! I came up with this one from studying the ingredient list from a bottle of Organix blowout cream I had.  I just used my last drop and instead of buying… Continue reading DIY Blowout Styling Cream

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DIY Rose Hair Clip

  Hello Lovelies! Hair adornments and flowers are so popular this season. They’re great for weddings, parties, dates and anytime you want to add sophistication to that hairdo. There are numerous ways to create flowers from ribbon or fabric. This was a simple method using wire edged ribbon. This creates the perfect foundation for this… Continue reading DIY Rose Hair Clip

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DIY Hair Scarf Band

Hello Lovelies!! I love wearing scarves on my head.  When I want a pop of color or just a fun look for my hair,  the scarf comes to mind.  I like wrapping scarves around my head the traditional way, but there are times throughout the day it starts loosening up around my head.  It happens… Continue reading DIY Hair Scarf Band


DIY Long Layered Haircut – How To Cut Your Own Hair in Long Layers

Hello Lovelies! I was very excited to put this tutorial together for you and I finally finished it!  I've been cutting my own hair for a few years now.  I want to share with everyone how easy this is and the money you can save from expensive salon trips.  I know there's a lot of… Continue reading DIY Long Layered Haircut – How To Cut Your Own Hair in Long Layers


No Heat Curls

This is a great way to achieve curls without heat. It’s good to give your hair a break from all that blow drying and heat curling. I bought 2 packages of jumbo sponge rollers for $1 each at Dollar Tree. I love that store, everything’s $1! Best time to do this is before going to… Continue reading No Heat Curls


Henna Hair Dye Treatment with Mountain Rose Herbs

This is my second time doing the henna treatment and I do love it!  I bought a 1 lb. bag of dark brown henna from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I wanted something without any added chemicals and this was it, a good choice.  I bought this 2 years ago and kept in my fridge since.  I… Continue reading Henna Hair Dye Treatment with Mountain Rose Herbs