DIY Liquid Eyeliner (using hair gel and eyeshadow!)

There's a lot of eyeliner recipes out there,  but I wanted to make something that didn't involve melting waxes or too many ingredients.  I went through some trial and error creating a few recipes.  This one finally came to me and I don't know why I didn't think of it before. It's just 2 ingredients, … Continue reading DIY Liquid Eyeliner (using hair gel and eyeshadow!)


DIY Colloidal Oats (no granules!)

  I had no idea you can make the same colloidal oatmeal that costs about $7 at the store.  I thought I would have to go out and buy a special grinder for this.  It's only a two step process, but the most important step is the sifting to get that super fine powder. This… Continue reading DIY Colloidal Oats (no granules!)